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10 Reasons Why Zoo Keepers Are the Most Committed People to their Jobs

As a former zoo animal keeper, I have some credibility in making the following assertions:

  1. ) Animal keepers frequently show up to work on their days off.  Whether it is to check on an animal that may have just delivered a baby or is due to deliver, or to follow-up on an animal introduction, they want to be in the know. They hate to miss out on such milestones at work.Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 5.42.36 PM
  2. ) Zoo animal keepers proudly wear their uniforms outside of work even though they aren’t supposed to. When you are exceedingly proud of working at the zoo, you sometimes forget to take off your uniform while running errands after work.
  3. ) Animal keepers sometimes recharge their radios at home. If they live close enough to work, this allows them to monitor activities at the zoo, which they sometimes do even on their designated weekends.
  4. ) I’ve been to a few weddings of animal keepers that were held at event venues at the zoo. I think these individuals who choose to get wed at their place of work demonstrate a true passion for what they do.
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    Jordan Schaul

    ) Animal keepers commonly marry other zoo keepers. If you are willing to date someone at work, much less marry them, you must be dedicated to your career.

  6. ) When animal keepers travel to other cities on vacation, they invariably visit other zoos. It is not so much to size up the competition or to visit with colleagues, it is literally to see the zoo.
  7. ) When they aren’t traveling to urban locations or visiting other zoos, zoo keepers travel to more remote and rustic locations to see the wild counterparts of the animals they care for.
  8. ) Animal keepers often post more photos of the animals they take care of at work on facebook than their own family members, including companion animals.

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    Jordan Schaul

9.) Animal keepers don’t always agree with each other or their supervisors, but they all agree to dislike People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as they should. Animal
keepers are dedicated to caring for animals under their watch and they take their jobs very seriously. I can’t think of another profession comprised of such devoted individuals.

10) Zoo keepers never stop talking shop!

[Updated at 6:00 PM Pacific Time Dec 30th, 2015… I forgot to mention that they get paid very little to do such great service for the benefit of the animal kingdom…]


Dr. Jordan Schaul
Dr. Jordan Schaul is an American zoologist, conservationist, journalist and animal trainer from Shaker Heights, Ohio.- Wikipedia

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