Photo by Jaimee Flinchbaugh/OKC Zoo

Oklahoma City Zoo welcomes eight new African wild dog pups

The Oklahoma City Zoo has welcomed eight new African wild dog pups to its family.

The zoo announced Friday the pups were born Oct. 4 to mom Xena. The pups are being kept from public view for now but people visiting the zoo will hopefully see them soon. They have been let outside from time to time and are healthy and happy.

“Mom Xena has been taking excellent care of her pups since day one,” animal supervisor Jaimee Flinchbaugh stated in a news release. “The pups have primarily been nursing but recently started eating some meat on their own. They are developing their initial tan and yellow coloring, and look healthy.”

The zoo’s animal care team is closely monitoring Xena and the pups because she is a first time mommy. Xena previously had a small litter of three pups in 2014 but did not raise them. A golden retriever surrogate mom was brought in at that time to raise the puppies. However, Xena is doing well as a mom and has demonstrated all the proper care for the newborn pups.

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