One of two killer whales killed in front of tourists on a whale watching tour

2 Killer Whales Harpooned and Killed in front of Thomson Cruise Guests on Whale Watching Tour

The world famous animal behaviorist Dr. Grey Stafford once said, “For the sake of all species, including humans, it’s time we recognize there is no more “wild” left on earth…”

Killer whale pod off the coast of St Vincent

Killer whale pod off the coast of St Vincent

On April 3rd, 2017 guests aboard the Thomson Cruise ship TUI Discovery were on a whale watching expedition off the coast of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, when they spotted a pod of orcas with 4 members.  The whale watching tour followed the pod, when the unthinkable happened.

Killer whale being shot with a harpoon gun

Killer whale being shot with a harpoon gun

The tourists witnessed fisherman in speed boats chase the killer whales, then they witnessed the fisherman harpoon and kill two killer whales.

The whale watching tour guests were mortified as they watched this incredible animal die right in front of them.

This heart breaking whaling brings to light that whaling is still legal and practiced in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  While activists have been protesting SeaWorld’s loved and cared for animals, the wild hunting and killing of Killer Whales is still happening in the wild.

It is time that people accept that SeaWorld’s killer whales are safe from harm, are loved and cared for, and people unite to end whaling, and protect our oceans.

As a result of this Thomson’s has canceled all future whale watching tours in St. Vincent.

Source: IWNSVG


17 thoughts on “2 Killer Whales Harpooned and Killed in front of Thomson Cruise Guests on Whale Watching Tour

  1. Eva

    Ppl have killed killer whales for many years, for food and all, if ppl dont like looking at others killing the animal,, should not watch it being done,, it doesn’t take a genuis to figure that out,,

    1. V

      They are not going to eat them. It is all sport. These people did not have a choice as to watch or not. Pull you head out or the dark ages

  2. Bob and Yvonne Carriedo

    As long as this killing of orcas continues I would not visit your area at all. That is horrendous to have these morons doing this in front of tourists. What is the point of killing these beautiful creatures.

  3. Owen

    The continued practice of killing whale must stop…It is a crime against nature and
    all of its innocence….

  4. Yolanda Barendregt

    For Fishermen Orca’s Dolphins and larger Sea Angels are a Pest because the Sea Mammals can only survive on Fish. The Blame is with the Humans, These Monster Fisherman are emptying the Oceans. Many species are allready wiped out by them. ZAnd NO These Sea Angels dont even belong in a stupid Chlorinated Bathtub. These 4 individuals were very unlucky to be in the wrong place and on the wrong time. Its time that Humans start to realise that we destroy the Oceans and our whole Planet and If the Oceans Die we DIE and thats a FACT.

  5. Hagen

    Hopefully those ppl. who have done such horrible thing get harpooned as well!!!
    There is no need on earth to kill those great and intelligent animals.

  6. Jade

    Eva you are an idiot. I was on this tour and me and the other people including children had absolutely no choice but to see what was going on the man came from nowhere with his ILLEGAL harpoon and fired it into the whale right in front of us before we knew what was going on! And In fact they are only allowed to kill 4 whales a year and the prime minister is now thinking about banning it all so keep your stupid comments to yourself you heartless silly cow

  7. Elizabeth Purdon

    This is horrible, being harpooned is not humane it’s just the easiest way to kill whales. As for those people who travelled to a country with these laws, open your eyes and leave if your unhappy, speak the word and help stop this torture.

  8. Catherine

    Eva… You mean… like people should just turn away if they see slavery in action, a person getting raped or a child victimized by a pedophile?? Once upon a time all those things were legal and acceptable. Culture and tradition excuses for the inexcusable.

  9. Jade

    Elizabeth- We were holidaying On a Thomson cruise ship. Only two of the islands out of the 13 That we visited were allowed to do whaling. We did not know st Vincent was one of them. We didn’t know about any of them in fact until afterwards, as it’s not exactly broadcasted and it was only in specific areas. Not for a second does anybody think that when they go to spot dolphins on an organised tour will they see an animal being killed intentionally. There were a few children on the boats that seen too – so you think their parents would have brought them if anybody imagine such a traversty? Don’t make out like we are the bad guys for wanting to explore islands while we were on holiday. We are the only reason that all you people are able to read these articles about the tragedy, so instead of picking on us and telling us to leave, why not actually unite. Write to their prime minister or their whaling committee and take part in having something done about it!

  10. Jade

    Can I just say one last thing:
    It was not two whales, it was one. The baby whale.
    It was in fact on the 1st April not the 3rd.
    Everybody was VERY distressed.
    They are allowed to kill 4 whales per year on the islands of st Vincent and Bequai, but it’s a dying trade. Two of the whaling families retired last year. One of those families is very popular on the island of Bequai and they have a lot of influence on others, which could prove to be a good thing.
    The prime minister is already looking at a full ban on orca hunting and that is looking to lead to a ban on the other whales too.
    The whaling licence will need renewed in the next couple of years and with the Olivier’s influence (the family I mentioned) and with us guys speaking out we really could stop this happening and see a full ban for good!!
    The man that killed this whale killed the whale illegally he used illegal equipment. We need this man to be prosecuted and for our stories to be heard!
    The main source of income on most of the carribean islands we visited was tourism – they can not afford to fight against tourists for very long so please let’s put our voices to good use and let some good come of This tragedy .. let’s make it into a revolution!

  11. Steve

    There needs to be a more widespread and definitive list of places/countries that condone whaling. Japan is a widely know proponent of whaling and in fact don’t even limit to their own waters and frequently are alleged to cross into other countries. The problem is policing would be nearly impossible

  12. KELLY

    V, how do you know that they were being killed for sport?. I grew up eating killer whale, now I live in Alberta, Canada where they murder any thing that walks or crawls, from Bobcats to Bears. Funny when the English and other so-called colonist was in Africa and India slaughtering animals for sport and leaving the native population to starve it was all good.

  13. Henry

    The ban will not stop these morons from secretly killing the whales. Law will never always able to lay close eyes around the clock on the ocean nor patrol on the waters at all times. Sad but true


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