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An Open Letter To Rep. Adam Schiff by ZooNation Board Member Carolyn Hennesy

Dear Representative Adam Schiff,

I am saddened to be writing this because it was a pleasure sit to down with you and Dr.Grey Stafford to discuss your recently introduced ”

Mr. Schiff, it is apparent you have not even glanced at the materials we provided you.

I assume you have also thought about my sincere invitation to actually visit SeaWorld. It’s a national treasure which you said you hadn’t been to “in years”.  You have no idea of the tremendous conservation and preservation work that they do. But you feel you have enough one-sided information to attempt to bring down this institution, while declining to join me for a tour. Shame on you.

As a voting resident of your district, I want you to know that I am terribly disappointed that you didn’t even attempt to glean a smattering of insight from the information that was given to you. Your willingness to stump for the wrong side (for what gain one can only guess) and your lack of respect for one of your constituents and for Dr. Stafford, one of the foremost animal conservationists in the world, troubles me.

The invitation still stands. I would love to take you on a tour of SeaWorld and show you why I believe it is worth preserving at all costs.

Sorely troubled…but riding onward…

Carolyn Hennesy
Board Member of ZooNation, Emmy Nominated Actress, Author and Conservationist

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One thought on “An Open Letter To Rep. Adam Schiff by ZooNation Board Member Carolyn Hennesy

  1. Diana Boucher

    As a Sea World “wife” for over 30 years, I can’t thank you enough for your efforts. Clearly, the animal extremists have him in their pockets. Keep fighting the good fight!


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