Animals Get Christmas Presents Too

Zoological animals lead enriched and fulfilling lives in naturalistic habitats that educate millions of guests per year and spark conservation awareness. Creating different types of animal enrichment is a fun and exciting part of being a zookeeper, trainer, and animal care specialist.


Enrichment devices can be anything from a colorful toy to a puzzle the animal must solve to reach a favorite treat hidden inside.


Taronga Zoo

When it comes to special enrichment for animals at zoos and aquariums, Christmas is no exception. Animal care teams create special festive items, wrapped presents, and stockings stuffed with the animal’s favorite treats and toys.


Hannover Adventure Zoo

These meerkats have opened their box to find their favorite snacks. Now, that box has also become a place to play.

imageStefan Simonsen/AFP/Getty Images

Penguins use their keen sense of smell to detect what lies inside the wrapping.


ZSL WWhipsnade Zoo

Marine mammals often get specially made birthday cakes made from ice and gelatin. This fishy treat has a more festive look for the season.


Taylor Jones/Palm Beach Post

This spider monkey isn’t even sure where to start.


Texas State Aquarium

Dolphins get a wide range of enrichment due to their dynamic living environments. What do you think is in the box?


Matt King/Getty Images

These packages contained special treats and puzzles.


New York Aquarium

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and enriching new year!

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