Eric Davis
Eric Davis

Bertha the world's oldest hippo at the Manila Zoo

Bertha The World’s Oldest Hippo Passes Away at the Manila Zoo

Bertha first started greeting guests at the Manila Zoo when it first opened in 1959.  Bertha was there with her campion Berth, greeting zoo guests at the first Modern...

One of two killer whales killed in front of tourists on a whale watching tour

2 Killer Whales Harpooned and Killed in front of Thomson Cruise Guests on Whale Watching Tour

The world famous animal behaviorist Dr. Grey Stafford once said, “For the sake of all species, including humans, it’s time we recognize there is no more...

ancient cave painting of the mysterious animal

San Antonio Zoo Researcher Discovers New Large Mammal in African Forest

The San Antonio Zoo is excited to announce an amazing discovery by our Conservation and Research Department in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa...

A rescued grey heron receives medical attention from the professional veterinary staff at the Manila Zoo

Manila Zoo Employees and Volunteers Rescue a Distressed Wild Heron

On Saturday March 25th, Manila Zoo volunteers were alerted to a bird that seemed distressed by keen eyed zoo visitors. The zoo volunteers known as the Zoo Crew...



It is time to do a showdown and decide who is saving more animals?  The publicly traded for-profit company SeaWorld Entertainment or the publicity crazed animal right...