Philipp Kroiss
Philipp Kroiss

Tursiops truncatus | Loro Parque

The Lipsi project

Again and again, enemies of dolphinariums present alternatives for a dolphinariums: a bay pen or sea pen, which they then call euphemistically a “sanctuary”....

Gorilla gorilla Alladin eating in the installation of Loro Parque | © Philipp J. Kroiß

Tenerife’s Bachelor Pad

Gorillas  in professional zoological facilities are ambassadors for their threatened species. The groups managed scientifically in human care are mostly harem groups...


How Long Do Elephants Live In Human Care?

One of the biggest topics of the conversation regarding zoos facilities is the welfare of elephants. Recently a paper was published, that concluded that...

morgan presenting at Loro Parque

The Case of Morgan: When Activism Falls on Deaf Ears

Animal rescue and conservation are an important part of the daily routine at zoological facilities. If zoological facilities themselves do not rescue animals...

Tursiops truncatus | Loro Parque

Are Cetaceans in Human Care More Stressed Than Those in the Wild?

Philipp J. Kroiß Those who want to bring an end to cetaceans in human care often claim that the animals experience increased stress in captivity. Is this true and can...