Baby Gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo Gets Name

The search for a name for the newborn is over, and the winner is; Elle.

Elle the third baby for her Daddy, Jomo (24), is the first baby born to her Mom, Anju (14).

The new baby is the 50th gorilla born at the zoo, and the second birth of a baby gorilla in two years. The Cincinnati Zoo has had a robust primate breeding program in place since the 1970’s.

There were originally two names suggested by gorilla keepers; no decision was made, so they put the name up for a vote and let friends and family decide.

“It is a very rare thing for any zoo to have 50 babies born and we wanted that to be recognized in the baby’s  name,” Ron Evans, curator of primates at the Cincinnati Zoo, said in a news release. The letter L is the Roman numeral for 50,  however, the baby’s name will be spelled Elle.

If you wish to see Elle, that will largely be dependant on warm weather and how well Elle is doing healthwise. If she is on display, your best chance to see her will be at 10 a.m. on warm weather days.

The Cincinnati Zoo currently has a $12 million project underway to expand gorilla facilities that will also enable year round viewing. It is expected to be finished some time in the next two years.

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