Baby Red Ruffed Lemur Swings Into Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo welcomed a darling Red ruffed lemur named Penny on April 25. Born to mother Sixpence and father Mego, Penny had been spending time bonding with her mother behind the scenes up until this week when she made her public debut. Penny’s birth is the second for Sixpence, but Penny is her 5th baby since she gave birth to quadruplets her first time.


Unlike other primates, Ruffed lemur babies do not cling to their mothers’ bellies for travel. Mother Ruffed lemurs carry their babies in their mouth “almost like a dog or cat,” zoo staff said. Ruffed lemurs are losing large portions of their habitat due to human development and industries. Because of this, they are limited to a small section of Madagascar now and are listed as an endangered species.


In the wild, babies have a 35% survival rate due to falls and predators. But with excellent care and attention from both her mother and human caretakers, Penny should have few to no problems blossoming into a beautiful adult lemur. Congratulations to Penny’s team and everyone at the Denver Zoo on another successful Zoo Born!


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