Birmingham Zoo Breaks All-Time Monthly Attendance Record

Featured Photo / Birmingham Zoo

The Birmingham Zoo is excited to report an all-time monthly attendance record for the month of April 2016, breaking all prior records in the Zoo’s 61-year history. Over 103,000 members and guests visited the Birmingham Zoo in April. This is an 18 percent rise over the prior record set in 2008. The Zoo attributes this record-breaker to the new Dino Discovery exhibit, Educational Programs including field trips, new marketing strategies, special events, and favorable weather.

Bringing in over 103,000 visitors to the Zoo in the month of April shows that the community values the Birmingham Zoo and the activities it offers. Through the day-to-day operations and everything behind-the-scenes, we strive to provide the best experience to Zoo visitors while always working toward our mission to Inspire Passion for the Natural World,” says Dan Trausch, Vice President of Operations.

Zoos and aquariums offer unique experiences for families, some even year-round. Zoological facilities care for animals, run educational programs, and contribute to scientific research and wild animal conservation thanks to the generous support of the local community. Your visit and membership makes a big impact on continued efforts to conserve wildlife in wild places.

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