Emmy-Nominated Actress & Author Carolyn Hennesy Joins the Board of ZooNation

Los Angeles – Just days after speaking on behalf of SeaWorld at the California Coastal Commission hearing to address the marine park’s plans to develop Blue World – a 100 million dollar habitat expansion program for its San Diego Park’s killer whales, Carolyn Hennesy joins the board of ZooNation.

The Emmy nominated actress and NYT bestselling author, a staunch advocate of marine parks, aquariums and zoos says these natural history venues are “critical players in both the conservation education of the general public and the conservation breeding of wildlife species in need around the globe.”

Carolyn recently participated in a live question and answer podcast for Awesome Ocean, the marine park industry’s largest advocacy group. She has been a devoted supporter of SeaWorld and an outspoken critic of the faux docudrama Blackfish, citing its fictional portrayal of killer whales at the world’s leading marine park, an Association of Zoo and Aquarium accredited facility, as particularly egregious. “When enough people understand the facts concerning this propaganda piece, I have no doubt the tide will turn in favor of advocacy and away from radical activism.”

12139954_10153822798891282_1315872795697944524_oAlso a critic of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the actress has voiced concerns over their animal programs and their unrelenting efforts to recruit largely naive celebrities to join their campaigns. “Not one of my peers wishes to be labeled uncaring and abusive toward animals. But without the facts and research regarding advocacy and welfare, it’s simply easier to ‘go along to get along’ with PETA which will court celebrities with money, guilt and shame. Those are tough to fight when you’re far more concerned about your next acting job; much easier to say ‘all right, fine…put my name on your roster and leave me alone.’ This must change; that’s my mission.”

Hennesy works with the Los Angeles Zoo to educate celebrities and other public figures about the global zoo community’s efforts to safeguard threatened and endangered wildlife species. She says modern zoological parks are “custodians of wildlife in an era when human population growth, climate change and loss and degradation of habitat has challenged the very ability for wildlife to exist, much less thrive.” The actress has visited captive facilities all over the planet to both learn about ex situ conservation programs and to consult with a network of professionals seeking public awareness for their conservation work.

Hennesy also continues to host her animal welfare, advocacy and conservation focused radio program “Animal Magnetism”, where she interviews animal professionals around the globe, from a wide variety of disciplines, dedicated to preserving species in peril and enhancing the human-animal bond.

One of the few celebrities who has taken the initiative to research conservation science programs of the zoological industry she admits freely that at one point, for a very brief period of time, she was as naive and uneducated at many of her Hollywood peers. “We’re all coming from a place of wanting the best for animals of every species; and taking the time out of a busy career to research and understand the facts can be difficult and time consuming. But it’s no longer a luxury; the fate of humankind now hangs in the balance. And that’s not being melodramatic: believe me, I know melodrama…and that ain’t it!”

We are excited to have her on the board as we endeavor to educate people about zoo-based conservation and facilitate communication and publicity for the zoological park industry and its professionals.

Dr. Jordan Schaul
Dr. Jordan Schaul is an American zoologist, conservationist, journalist and animal trainer from Shaker Heights, Ohio.- Wikipedia

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