Wildlife Conservation Expo 2015

Four Zoos to be Major Sponsors of Upcoming Wildlife Conservation Network Expo

Next week, San Diego Zoo Global, Houston Zoo, Sacramento Zoo and Safari West will be represented at the annual Wildlife Conservation Network Expo in San Francisco. The WCN endeavors to safeguard wildlife by supporting the initiatives of independent conservation organizations around the world.  They help to strenghten the sustainability of these nonprofits as they work in situ to conserve vanishing species. The strong participation and support from AZA institutions shows the commitment of the zoo community to field programs.  And support from these ex situ conservation organizations demonstrates just how integral zoos are to the preservation of imperiled species.

The event will host fourteen of WCN’s Conservation Partners and over 1000 participants as they convene in San Francisco along with more than 40 organizations committed to animal conservation or welfare. It is a celebration of success as much as it is an opportunity for conservation-minded individuals and organizations to network and advance their respective interests.

According to the WCN website, “These connections have helped raise more than $50 million for wildlife conservation.” The event offers patrons an opportunity to meet their conservation heroes in person. This year, noted primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall will deliver the keynote address.

I’m fortunate to be attending the Expo on behalf of the new Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation, one of the exhibiting organizations. The California based non-profit is developing capacity building and conservation programs in South Luangwa, Zambia in conjunction with Zikomo Safari Camp.

Dr. Jordan Schaul
Dr. Jordan Schaul is an American zoologist, conservationist, journalist and animal trainer from Shaker Heights, Ohio.- Wikipedia

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