Georgia Aquarium Launches Dolphin Celebration

Since its opening in 2005, the Georgia Aquarium became an instant Atlanta landmark.  Several thousand animal species call Georgia Aquarium home and reside in complex habitats that total a water volume of 10 million gallons.  Currently the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere, the facility houses animals large and small, from piranhas to whale sharks.  Among many marine mammals, one of the most popular are bottlenose dolphins.  The Aquarium is proud to launch The AT&T Dolphin Celebration, an all new educational presentation featuring one of the world’s most loved creatures.


Georgia Aquarium

This new presentation showcases the unique bond between the dolphins and their trainers.  Dolphins have been adored by millions for their beauty, grace, athleticism, and intelligence.  Dolphins also possess friendly personalities and enjoy coexisting with humans.  During Dolphin Celebration, you can expect a family-friendly educational experience.  Learn more about these magnificent mammals, how they learn, what motivates them, and how they are species ambassadors for dolphins in the wild.

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