Giant Panda Cub Branches Out In Washington DC

We’ve been eagerly following Bei Bei’s development and milestones since his birth at The Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington D.C. Born in August 2015, Bei Bei has delighted keepers and guests alike. Thanks to the zoo’s Panda Cam, we’ve been able to watch Bei Bei’s first steps and his curious exploration of his environment.

Bei Bei made his public debut in January. As it turns out, his adventures have gone vertical since our last check in. In the now-viral video, Bei Bei can be seen full of confidence as he climbs up a tree in the giant panda habitat. Always in frame is Bei Bei’s mother, Mei Xiang, who keeps a steady paw on the cub as he explores this strange new obstacle.

Zookeepers have added collars to the habitat’s trees as a safety precaution to keep the cub from climbing too high. Pandas are highly adept at climbing trees, but Bei Bei is still learning how gravity works and that’s where mom came in on the descent.

At 27 pounds, Bei Bei is spending less time in the den and more time exploring and interacting with his environment.

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