Giraffe at British Zoo Could Be World’s Tallest

When we think about giraffes, we associate them with a certain magnificence and grace.  Their astounding height makes them a regal animal. We all know giraffes are quite tall, averaging about 15 feet in height.


Meet Zulu:



Zulu, seen here with his keeper, resides at Folly Farm Zoo in Saundersfoot and Tenby, Pembrokeshire and is 18 years old.

This amazing giraffe stands at approximately 19 feet.  His height is an estimation as his keepers do not have a way to measure him with total accuracy. The top of his head just brushes by the top of his enclosure doorway which is 20 feet tall.  Zulu simply towers over three other average sized males whom share his enclosure.

Zulu is thought to be the taller than any other animal in human care. He also weighs in at an impressive 1.3 tonnes. The zoo’s curator,  Tim Morphew said, “We regularly get giraffe keepers from other zoos who come to us and all marvel at just how big Zulu is. Nobody has ever said they have found one that is bigger and we reckon he’s the tallest.”

With a large animal, a sizeable daily diet is sure to follow. Zulu makes his way through at least 20 kilograms of alfalfa hay per day. Hay is a staple in a giraffe’s diet and is available to them at all times. On top of the hay, Zulu also receives three kilograms of hard feed every day.

Those who work with Zulu, while in awe of his size, also describe him as a friendly and gentle animal. Morphew added, “But because Zulu is such a gentle giant, the kids can get really up close with him and there’s been a few times where a child has been able to pat his head or stroke his nose.”

A world record confirmation may be in Zulu’s future. A representative of Guinness World Records said, “We’re always keen to hear about new record breaking animals and we would welcome an application from Zulu’s keepers.”


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