Growing Up Gorilla At Woodland Park Zoo

Seattle: Nadiri and her baby are getting to know each other a little more each day at Washington’s Woodland Park Zoo.

Mom and baby gorilla are introduced to one another multiple times per day in the same den.  They have been observed laying just inches apart in recent sessions, which is a positive sign that they are getting to know each other and are comfortable.

The baby receives daily care by keeper and veterinary staff in a den behind the scenes of the gorilla exhibit. Here, Nadiri can see her baby and her baby can see her mom throughout the day, every day.

Martin Ramirez, the zoo’s mammal curator spoke of the importance of the mother-baby bond: “For the long-term benefits and welfare of the baby gorilla, it’s important for her to know she’s a gorilla, not a human. She never leaves the gorilla den. Here, she is exposed to her mom and can also see, hear and smell the zoo’s other gorillas. It’s also a step toward integrating her into a family.”


Woodland Park Zoo

As of January 22, the baby gorilla weighed eight pounds and was reaching proper developmental milestones for her age. Check out the video:

Woodland Park Zoo/YouTube

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