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Guereza Colobus Monkey Born at Saint Louis Zoo

On January 10, the Saint Louis Zoo was proud to welcome a male Guereza colobus monkey. The young monkey’s name is Ziggy, a nod to David Bowie who passed away the day Ziggy was born.

While the adults are a distinctive black and white, young colobus monkeys are white with pink faces. Like other colobus monkeys, Ziggy will develop his adult coloration at around the age of 6 months.

Photo by Ethan Riepl

Photo by Ethan Riepl

Guereza colobus monkeys are found in the forests of east and central Africa, where they face habitat loss and poaching. Ziggy will play an important role serving as an ambassador for his species. Ziggy and the rest of his family will help the Saint Louis Zoo educate the public about the Guereza colobus monkey.

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