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At Zoo Nation, we believe the efforts of ordinary people can save the planet. We believe that everyone, everywhere, can contribute in some way to helping animal populations across the world. We also believe that all animals should have a healthy, sustainable environment to call home. We believe we can do more than just contribute to conservation; we believe that by partnering with ordinary people and caring zoological facilities we can help save our planet and build hope for tomorrow.

Your donation will help Zoo Nation to achieve this goal. We will use your financial gift to save animals worldwide, help people break the cycle of pollution and poisoning of our oceans and planet. It is our goal to change our societies from waste making and indifferent to frugal and caring, building long term sustainability. Your support can help us achieve that goal.

Thanks to you, Zoo Nation is transforming the lives and future of people and animal populations around the world!

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We take seriously our responsibility to our contributors, to the planet, and to animal populations counting on our help. We have pledged to use the funds we receive wisely and responsibly. See our annual report and financial accountability page for more information.

Zoo Nation is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law.