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How Zoos Across the US celebrated Groundhog Day!

Every year people gather in Pennsylvania to see if a groundhog sees its shadow or not.  This long-standing custom is meant to foretell if more winter is in store, or if we can expect an early spring.

Zoos across the US got into the fun of Groundhog Day with some really fun tweets where they shared images of their own groundhogs and some other animals that they felt like could predict the weather!

The Nashville Zoo’s hedgehog was pleased with the report of an early spring.

The Oregon Zoo was quite proud of the accuracy record of their adorable hedgehog.

The lions at the Maryland Zoo also predicted an early spring.

At the Miami Zoo their Meerkats predicted 6 more weeks of awesome Florida weather.

The San Francisco Zoo celebrated Groundhog Day by making the Zoo free to San Francisco residents.

The Brookfield Zoo celebrated “Bear-hog” day with their adorable polar bear.

The Bronx Zoo had some fun with their prairie dogs.

The Birmingham Zoo’s Groundhog enjoyed the spotlight as he was the star of the morning news in Alabama.

While Groundhogs might not actually be able to predict the end of winter, we do love seeing zoos show off their amazing animals in their communities.

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