Making Reptiles Cute at Gator Adventure Productions

When most people think of reptiles, the first words that comes to mind are not beautiful, important, smart, or any other word that draws attention to an animal. It is because of this reason that sadly a lot of reptiles don’t get the attention they desperately need when it comes to conservation.


We at Gator Adventure Productions pride ourselves on bringing the much needed attention that so many different types of endangered reptiles need. Indian gharials, black caimans, indigo snakes, gopher tortoises… These are just a few of the critically endangered animals we are trying to help.

Illegal poaching, loss of habitat, and fear are a number of reasons these amazing animals are disappearing. At Gator Adventure Productions we provide education, entertainment, and interaction to get people excited and inspire them to make a change!


We visit schools, resorts, parties, conventions and more performing educational shows. At each show our audience will learn about Alligators, Crocodiles, Snakes, Tortoises, Turtles, and so much more! The best part? The interaction! The audience can touch, or even hold each one of the animals, and get their pictures taken with them!

We also have Run for the Crocs. A marathon people can participate in where every year we choose a different endangered crocodilian to raise money for. All the proceeds go to sanctuaries, studies, and different ways for us to help save them.


Crocfest also happens twice a year and we are avid participants in this awesome event. It’s an auction, shows, photo opportunities, and great times with tons of reptiles, all while raising money and awareness of endangered crocodilians.

Reptiles are a very important part of our planet. Some have been around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and are now disappearing. It’s imperative for companies like Gator Adventure Productions to provide the education and first hand interaction with these animals to continue to educate, inspire, and get people excited about wildlife conservation. There are so many animals that need our help, even the ones with sharp teeth and scales.

By Justin Dye owner of Gator Adventure Productions

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