Merry Birthday! Reindeer Born at Buffalo Zoo

One of the holiday season’s most beloved animals, the reindeer (Scandinavian reindeer to be more specific) is a majestic and unmistakable fan favorite at the Buffalo Zoo in Upstate New York. This little guy was born on April 18 to parents Solara and Apollo. His birth is the first successful reindeer birth at the zoo since 2014. This calf is one of over 100 reindeer to be born there since 1970. The Buffalo Zoo has played a major role in reindeer conservation and awareness for over four decades.


The zoo is giving fans a great opportunity to name the reindeer via an online poll on their social media outlets. The four choices are Yukon, Max, Thor, and Pulsar. Voting ends this Sunday, which also marks the baby’s debut to the public!


Reindeer, better known as caribou to those in the United States, are unfortunately listed as a vulnerable species and are facing increasing threats from climate change and habitat loss due to human development. This baby reindeer will inspire the thousands of visitors that explore the zoo every year to care about reindeer and their habitat. Congratulations to the Buffalo Zoo!


Photos by the Buffalo Zoo. 

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