National Aquarium Announces Sea Turtle’s Winning Name

In January, we told you about a little Loggerhead in need of a name.  After launching a popular contest to come up with a name, the National Aquarium has released the results.


National Aquarium

In honor of CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” main character, meet Sheldon!

Sheldon is currently on exhibit and will remain in the Maryland: Mountains to the Sea exhibit until large enough to be released off the North Carolina coast.  Sheldon isn’t the only growing Loggerhead resident, either.  Shelton and many other sea turtles are currently in aquariums across the country as part of the Loggerhead Head Start Program.

This program gives severely threatened sea turtles like Sheldon an opportunity to grow in the safety of an accredited aquarium facility before being released and given a second chance out in the big blue.


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