Otter Pup 719 Has Received A Name

We have been following the story of orphaned otter Pup 719 since her rescue in January.  This little lady has been on quite the journey since being taken in by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Research and Conservation team.

The pup, now in the care of Shedd Aquarium, was deemed ineligible for release and will remain in human care.  Pup 719 has been through a lot, but has been a strong and trusting pup toward those who saved her life.  Now that she is healthy and at her forever home, it is important that she be given a name.

Pup 719 will now be known as Ellie.


Shedd Aquarium

Ellie was rescued when she was found alone at a month old.  The aquarium reports that she is alert and feisty, exhibiting typical behavior of a 15 week old otter.  She has shown enjoyment in playing with toys such as colorful stacking cups and little puzzle balls with treats inside.  This energetic otter has even begun some basic training and is learning every day.  She can now touch the hand of a trainer with her paw.  Click below to watch Ellie’s introduction to the exhibit space while she explores her new home and snacks on seafood:

Shedd Aquarium/YouTube

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