Pretty in Pink: Flamingos Arrive at Jacksonville Zoo

Featured Photo / Stewart Plemmons / Pierside Productions

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens (JZG) has debuted 36 African Greater flamingos on exhibit along the African boardwalk. The flamingos arrived from Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo on May 18. The group includes 14 males and 22 females. This group has a good breeding history and is expected to continue at JZG over the next few years.

The zoo’s flamingo habitat is an impressive 3,600 square foot area sponsored by Flamingo Lake RV Resort. The habitat has two banks that surround a two-foot-deep marshy lagoon with lots of room to roam, eat, drink, and of course, gracefully pose for photos.


Stewart Plemmons / Pierside Productions

Flamingo Lake RV Resort is delighted to sponsor Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens’ new Greater Flamingo Exhibit. As a family oriented recreation lake and campground, Flamingo Lake shares the excitement with our Zoo in bringing children and family delight in our area,” said Flamingo Lake co-owner Michael Fisher.

Greater flamingos are the largest of the species and feature lighter feathers.  In contrast to the coral coloration of American flamingos, Greater flamingos have vibrant streaks of pink and black and are also the most widespread of the six flamingo species.  They can be found in a range from Southern Europe and Southwest Asia to Africa. American flamingos are also on exhibit at Jacksonville Zoo in the Range of the Jaguar area.

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