Pudu Calf Born at Belfast Zoo

Cute alert! A baby Pudu has been born at the Belfast Zoo in Ireland! The Southern pudu is the world’s smallest deer, so that means tiny and cute babies! On June 18, the adorable baby was born to mother Susan and father Mr. Tumnus. The zoo stated that baby Pudus do not weigh any more than a bag of sugar and will grow up to be no more than 43 centimeters tall!


Recently moved to “near threatened” status by the IUCN, the Belfast Zoo said on its website that this birth is “massively important” to them. There has been a steep decline in the population of Pudus in recent years due to habitat destruction. For now, mom and her unnamed, unsexed baby will have some quiet time to bond before the keepers will approach the baby to determine its sex. What an adorable addition to the Belfast Zoo family!

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