San Antonio Zoo Welcomes Baby Howler Monkey

The San Antonio Zoo announced that it has just recently welcomed a new member of its family on Wednesday.

The baby howler monkey, was born on Sept. 30th to parents Sophie and Inti. This is their fourth offspring.

Howler monkeys are found in the rain forests of Central and South America and are known for their loud, guttural territorial howls and growls.

The San Antonio Zoo said that young howler monkeys cling to their mothers for up to a year after birth.

Howler monkeys are not an endangered species, but the zoo said they are threatened by habitat destruction.

Baby and parents, Sophi and Inti, along with the rest of the family can be seen in the zoo’s Amazonia section.

To learn more about howler monkeys, the San Antonio Zoo and it’s Amazonia exhibit, visit their website at

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