Sea Rescue Weekend Returns To Orlando & San Diego

Sea Rescue Weekend is back again this year.  This weekend focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife.  It celebrates the 27,000 animals that SeaWorld has rescued over the last five decades.

These experts have learned a lot about the care and equipment needed to pull off a successful rescue and rehabilitation program and have helped other facilities and organizations stay up-to-date on techniques and other information pertinent to animal rescue, rehabilitation, and release.


Chris Schuck

SeaWorld first began rescuing animals in 1964, a year after the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute opened its doors.  The first successful rehabilitation and release of a bottle-raised manatee happened a little more than 15 years later in 1980.

Many milestones have since been celebrated such as saving more than 20,000 penguins, 100 endangered sea turtles, and countless other animals effected by oil spills.  A notable rescue and release story was that of JJ, an orphaned gray whale.  JJ was the largest animal ever successfully rescued, rehabilitated, and released.

In 2010, SeaWorld executed one of the largest rescue efforts in their history when they rehabilitated more than 300 cold-stunned endangered sea turtles.

1,000 animals were rescued in 2014 alone.  These are just some of the highlighted accomplishments over the years. For more amazing rescue stories, click here.

In addition to their highly successful rescue program, SeaWorld established the SeaWorld Oiled Wildlife Care Center in 2000 and The SeaWorld & Bush Garden Conservation Fund in 2003.  The fund has granted more than $11 Million to various research and conservation projects around the world.

Sea Rescue weekend is sure to be inspirational as well as educational.  You will hear firsthand accounts of marine mammal rescues that appeared on the Emmy nominated show Sea Rescue directly from members of SeaWorld’s animal rescue team at SeaWorld Orlando this weekend and SeaWorld San Diego in March.  A panel of SeaWorld’s rescue and rehabilitation team members will discus some of their stories and what we can do to reduce threats to wildlife.

Through education and inspiration, we can all take action to reduce the need for these rescues by doing our part to recycle, reuse, dispose of monofilament fishing line properly and more.  Come hear stories of animal heroes and what you can do to help protect the environment.



3 thoughts on “Sea Rescue Weekend Returns To Orlando & San Diego

  1. Ck

    Actually, according to SeaWorld’s website, they first began rescues in 1970, not 1964. Let me know if you want the source.

    1. Danny StantonDanny Stanton Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Actually rescues started with the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute and that was what I was referring to. There has always been a partnership with the two.


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