Seaworld and San Antonio Zoo Spring Into Action to Aid Texas Zoos

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, displays of compassion and benevolence have thankfully been in high volume. The zoological facilities in Texas have also been helping each other in ways that will benefit thousands of animals. Seaworld of San Antonio and the San Antonio Zoo have teamed up to bring life saving supplies to zoos in eastern Texas that have been devastated by the massive storm.

The Downtown Aquarium, Victoria Zoo, the Animal Rehabilitation Keep, and the Wildlife Center of Texas are among several zoos and aquariums that are in need of aid. Seaworld and the San Antonio Zoo have stated they will assist in the cleanup and rebuilding of all affected facilities. Seaworld will also be conducting a supply drive to gather more items the animals and staff will need.

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On Tuesday, Seaworld sent two marine biologists to the Downtown Aquarium in Houston as well as food and other supplies via a helicopter that was donated by San Antonio Zoo board member, Brian Gilroy. The biologists are present to help maintain animal habitat water quality, as well as care for the animals. Staff at the aquarium are running on empty as the aquarium has been staffed 24 hours a day since Friday.


Seaworld and the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Center have been partnered since December and are ready to put their rescue staff into action should any wild or zoo animals need rescuing. Staff at both facilities stated they are ready to rescue any animals that may have escaped their enclosure and are surviving in flood waters, though that service has not been needed as of yet.

The good news is that because of these efforts, San Antonio Zoo CEO Tim Morrow states he believes “all the animals are fine” as far as they know. All aiding facilities are on standby to move animals should the need arise. The San Antonio Zoo also offered a comforting escape from the chaos to storm victims through free admission to the zoo for residents of 50 counties in Texas.


If you would like to assist in the rebuilding efforts for all affected zoos, visit this link to donate to the San Antonio Zoo’s fund for Harvey recovery. Zoo Nation would like to thank all of the dedicated people working tirelessly to ensure the safety and comfort of the hundreds of zoo animals in need.

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