SeaWorld Provides New Glimpse Into Manatee Rehab

SeaWorld has recently added a larger focus on their wildly successful rescue and rehabilitation programs.  A new plan has been put in motion to turn the parks inside-out and give guests a broader view of what goes on behind the scenes.

The best way to connect people with animals is through education and interaction.  Therefore, in conjunction with Manatee Appreciation Day, SeaWorld unveiled an all-new experience in their Orlando park yesterday.


SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Manatees have been on display at SeaWorld for many decades, but now, guests have a unique opportunity to see past the exhibits and into the manatee rescue and rehabilitation area.  This behind-the-scenes look will offer guests a new understanding and appreciation for the manatee and their plight in the wild.

Stepping into this working acute care facility, guests will come face to face with wild animals who have been rescued due to illness or injury and follow them through their journey to recovery.


SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

This new experience is not a scheduled tour, but included with your general admission or annual pass.  SeaWorld’s dedicated rescue and animal care teams want to show guests up close what they do and educate others on threats facing animals in the wild.

Park guests will learn about simple actions they can do at home every day that help animals in the wild and their environment.  In addition to viewing the animals currently undergoing rehabilitation, guests can also view their digital medical charts, interactive exhibits, an underwater viewing camera, and videos of the animal rescue team in action.


SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Some guests to SeaWorld may not know how much goes on behind the scenes, but a tremendous amount of staff, resources, and funding goes toward wildlife conservation efforts, scientific studies, and the rescue of animals large and small.  SeaWorld is making changes to allow guests to see more of the organization at its core.

The goal is always to rehabilitate rescued animals to the point where they are strong and healthy enough to be returned to the wild.  When that is not possible due to ongoing illness or long term injury, SeaWorld is a safe home for these animals to live their lives in peace and comfort, without threats of further injury or illness.  For over five decades, SeaWorld has always been a safe haven for animals in need and always will be.

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