Stonyfield Yogurt Partners With AZA in New Promotion

There’s nothing more that your child will love than going to the zoo and seeing their favorite animals. With Stonyfield Yogurt, you can take advantage of a new offer that will reward you with a free children’s ticket (with the purchase of an adult ticket) to your local Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited zoo!


Stonyfield is dedicated to raising awareness for the planet’s endangered species. As an organic company, Stonyfield states that since its beginnings, conservation and environmental awareness have been their top priorities when producing their foods. They also realize a sad truth that many of us can forget: as more species go extinct, their ecosystems become more fragile; without healthy ecosystems, we will not be able to produce foods for ourselves and neither will other animals. And on their website, they even addressed activist complaints about zoos being horrible places for animals, explaining, “A visit to the zoo allows children to see and appreciate animals they might otherwise never encounter. Experiencing animals this way helps to instill a sense of stewardship for the planet in our children.”


We applaud Stonyfield for their commitment to animals, the environment, and the incredibly important work that zoos and aquariums do. To claim this offer, simply purchase 2 specially marked boxes of yogurt (they have adorable zoo animals on them and we have included an image of one above), fill out the form at this link, and upload your receipts. For more information about Stonyfield’s dedication to the AZA and conservation around the globe, click here.

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