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By Baker; E.J. Keller. -  from the Smithsonian Institution archives.

Is the Tasmanian Tiger Still on the Prowl?

(Thylacinous cynocephalus) also known as the Tasmanian Tiger has been extinct since the 1930’s. The last known Thylacine in the wild was killed between 1910 and 1920...

Tiger Viewing in Ranger Station / Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo Expansion: Sumatran Tiger Experience

The Sumatran tiger is not only the smallest of the five remaining tiger subspecies, it is also one of the most endangered.  In order to raise awareness and contribute...


Giraffe Born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

After all the New Year’s Eve parties sometime in the middle of the night on January 1st, 2016 a baby giraffe was born at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Keepers at...