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By Baker; E.J. Keller. -  from the Smithsonian Institution archives.

Is the Tasmanian Tiger Still on the Prowl?

(Thylacinous cynocephalus) also known as the Tasmanian Tiger has been extinct since the 1930’s. The last known Thylacine in the wild was killed between 1910 and 1920...

Photo by Daniel Stanton

On the Brink of the Next Mass Extinction

What would a world without animals look like? If humans do not change their ways and be more proactive in ensuring the survival of species, then we could be facing a...


The Saiga Antelope: Critically Endangered to The Brink of Extinction In a Year

In early May 2015, news outlets reported about a large and mysterious die-off of the Saiga Antelope. Scientists have now discovered that the impact of the die-off was...