Photo By Kellsey Melhuish

Taronga Western Plains Zoo Welcomes Przewalski’s Horse Foal

Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo were delighted when a Przewalski’s Horse was born January 20. The adorable little girl has been named Bukhara, after a reserve in Uzbekistan, Mongolia. Bukhara is the second foal for mother Suren.

“Both mother and foal are doing well. The foal is staying close to her mother’s side although she is starting to become curious about her surroundings. She is continuing to gain strength and confidence,” said Unit Supervisor, Pascale Benoit.


Photo by Taronga Western Plains Zoo

The Przewalski’s Horse is critically endangered. However, in the 1960’s the species was considered extinct in the wild. Thanks to the careful breeding efforts of zoos like the Taronga Western Parks Zoo. In 1995 five Przewalski’s Horses from the Taronga Western Plains Zoo were reintroduced to Mongolia as part of a herd established by zoos around the world. Przewalski’s Horse numbers continue to grow today.

“There are now almost 2000 Przewalski’s Horses in human care and in the wild today, which is a huge step for this species that was once extinct in the wild,” said Pascale.

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