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Tasmanian Devil Mia has Arrived at the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque

Only one of two US zoos to house Tasmanian devils, the Rio Grande Zoo (Albuquerque BioPark) welcomes a new Tasmanian devil to its resident population.

The Zoo currently houses three animals and Mia a 2.5-year-old, who arrived Friday, will join her exhibit mates following a stint in quarantine. Other ambassadors include Poppi, Syler and Makala. Sadly, the zoo lost Tasmanian devil Jasper two years ago to an unfortunate incident. It is suspected that a log in the exhibit crushed his skull in a freak accident. Mia, however, is not deemed a replacement for Jasper, but rather a new ambassasor for the species.

Five other zoos in the US are slated to recieve devils over the next two years, including the Los Angeles Zoo and the Toledo Zoo.

Tasmanian devils, which are found only on Tasmania, which sits south of the Australian mainland as an island state are a species in peril. The wild population has been devestated by a facial tumor disease transmitted by a communicable form of cancer.  The cancer is known to spread during aggressive interactions associated with feeding behavior and ultimately precludes eating leading to death by starvation.

Dr. Jordan Schaul
Dr. Jordan Schaul is an American zoologist, conservationist, journalist and animal trainer from Shaker Heights, Ohio.- Wikipedia

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