Tusko The Elephant Passes Away At Oregon Zoo


Tusko, a 44-year-old Asian elephant has passed away at the Oregon Zoo.  Tusko was humanely euthanized Tuesday after animal care staff came to the difficult conclusion that they could no longer help mobility and pain issues stemming from a decades-old leg injury.  He was one of the oldest and largest male Asian elephants in North America.

Bob Lee, elephant curator for The Oregon Zoo said, “This is a very sad day, especially for all the keepers and animal-care staff who have been close to Tusko through the years.”

Losing a beloved animal like Tusko is a very difficult experience for those who were closest to them and that sadness resonates through guests who also experience the loss.  Tusko spent ten years at The Oregon Zoo where he was loved by all and lived an enriching and fulfilling life.  Bob Lee added, “We’re thankful we were able to give him a good home with our elephant family, and on a personal level I’m thankful I got the chance to know him.”

Our thoughts are with the the staff and volunteers at the Oregon Zoo, especially those who cared for Tusko during this difficult time.


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