Valentine’s Day Arrives Early At Woodland Park Zoo

Keepers at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Saturday, February 13th with enrichment items and special treats for the zoo’s many animals.


From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., watch the zoo’s animal residents tear into their Valentine’s Day presents filled with heart shaped treats and ruby red delights from the people who love them most; their keepers!

These aren’t just any treats. Animal enrichment items are an important part of animal care in zoological facilities. Enrichment devices keep animals interested, engaged, and challenged. Carnivorous animals will enjoy heart shaped steaks while omnivores may enjoy ice pops made from fruits, juice, and honey.


Ready to celebrate now? Click here to take a special Valentine’s quiz, view the animal enrichment schedule, and personalize adorable Valentine’s e-cards.

Make it a date at Woodland Park Zoo.


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