Local preschoolers will learn with lions at the San Antonio Zoo's newly purchased campus

We Bought A School: Learning goes wild at the San Antonio Zoo

Up-close animal experiences at zoos and aquariums are one of the best ways to instill a lifelong love of nature in kids of all ages. In fact, many of these facilities across the country have embraced their roles as incredible learning opportunities and instituted classroom programs, camps, and even online in-class streaming educational programs.

But the San Antonio Zoo has taken a commitment to learning to the next level, by purchasing a preschool near the zoo grounds in Breckenridge Park.

The 100 year old zoo deep in the heart of Texas has acquired the 27,000 square foot campus of the Kipp Esparanza Language Academy, which over the next 5 years, will transform it into a nature-based school that will offer a zoo-based curriculum for over 200 students.

San Antonio Zoo CEO Tim Morrow says the zoo will help the students build a connection with nature that will be critical to conservation later in life. “Get these children at a young age to connect with nature and start that process early when their brains are soaking in everything,” he says.  Morrow says the goal of the zoo’s school purchase is to “get those kids connected to nature.”

But the San Antonio Zoo is no stranger to education programs. The Zoo already operates an accredited preschool with over 7o students. This expansion will more than double the capacity to reach young hearts and minds, and create a stronger connection with nature for students in the San Antonio area.

Stay tuned to ZooNation.com, where we will cover the progress of the Zoo’s school remodeling and opening.

Text and photos by Erin McKinney.  Quotations credit to News4SanAntonio.  All Rights Reserved.



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