What is ZooNation?

First and foremost, ZooNation is an advocacy organization committed to serving the global zoo and aquarium community, the profession of wild animal keeping and those who support it for the sake of wildlife conservation.

Who Are the People Behind ZooNation?

ZooNation is comprised of passionate and dedicated zoological professionals, and committed conservationists from different backgrounds. Our compassion unites us as we endeavor to heal the planet. We seek to empower a global community of proactive animal welfarists and environmentalists within and outside of the zoo and aquarium industry.

What Do We Do?

Our primary objectives are to serve as a conduit for disseminating the conservation message of zoos and aquariums to the masses and to galvanize support for these wildlife organizations among the populous. ZooNation promotes citizen science and conservation to help prevent the extinctions of imperiled animal species around the world.

At ZooNation, we believe the efforts of ordinary people can save the planet. We believe that everyone, everywhere, can contribute in some way to helping animal populations around the world. We also believe that all animals deserve a healthy, sustainable environment to call home, be it a zoo animal ambassador in captivity or a free ranging animal in nature.  By inspiring ordinary people through advocating for the zoo and aquarium profession, we can help save our planet and build hope for tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “What is ZooNation?

    1. Mike MadsenMike Madsen Post author

      Hi Hannah,

      Good question and an easy answer. ZooNation is currently being run entirely by our volunteer board. Hope that answers your question.

  1. Fred Hood

    Actually that does not answer the question. Under the “about us” tab, it would be nice to see a list of names and the facilities or organizations they work at.


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