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ZooNation Podcast Episode 1 and the Final Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast Episode

Hello and welcome to the grand debut of the Official ZooNation Podcast!

We are excited to bring you a podcast that will discuss all the exciting change and challenges to modern zoos in North America and around the world.

The first episode of the ZooNation Podcast is also the last episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast.  After 40 amazing episodes all good things must come to an end, and with the birth of the ZooNation Podcast, the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast will now fade into memory.

The Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast will always have a special place in the hearts of Mike Madsen and Eric Davis, both board members of ZooNation, because it was that project that helped inspire them to advocate for zoological facilities around the world.

The Unofficial SeaWorld podcast was ground breaking, and exciting and we hope that the ZooNation podcast will follow in its footsteps, as it hopes to fight for the scientific management of animals in human care.

In the first episode of the ZooNation Podcast we get to know hosts Andrew Streeter and Cat Rust a little bit, and then jump into a roundtable discussion regarding SeaWorld’s recently announced plan to phase out their orca breeding program— how the announcement alone has affected SeaWorld’s fans and the conservationist community, and how it may affect the animals and the health of SeaWorld as a company moving forward.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this show do not necessarily reflect the official views of ZooNation as an organization.

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